Back-end engineer

You love stress…on your server. Building back-ends that can handle thousands of transactions per second are no problem for you but you also know when to pull your punches. No use building a Ferrari when a Lada will do, right? Teasing all important non-functional requirements from your product owner is your game. You can write code that is gracious as a ballerina, dancing along the fine line between complexity, where the domain requires it, and simplicity so that mere mortals will still be able to understand it. You can pick up front-end tasks with style when the sprint asks for it: After all, what’s a single user application when you are able to build software that scales to millions! You are optimistic, friendly and feel like you have won when your team has scored a victory. 
Sounds like a lot! Does it sound like you? 

Xebia stimulates me to chase what inspires me.

Laurence de JongBackend Software Engineer

How Xebia puts people first? It’s in the details, the interactions with every individual. Each individual is first and foremost his/herself and treats you as an equal, all doing in our part in a shared mission.

Merlijn BoogerdBackend Software Engineer