Advanced frontends

You want your (web) apps to be user friendly and improving conversion. You also want to build a platform so that you can easily try out new ideas. This needs to be the case in the present, but also in the future. We provide native, hybrid or“mobilefirst” web technology to bring your front-end development efforts to the next level. We’re not just building websites or apps, but we consider design systems, reusable components, brand identity, custom integrations and frontend architecture. We can help multiple teams collaborate on the same(web)app while maintaining a consistent look and feel. We can also scale down a solution to make it work for a smaller organisation.
Because we specialize in building custom solutions we can integrate any (legacy) system and develop a smooth migration path the new solution. When more and more functionality is being added there is also more complexity. Our frontend consultant help to manage the complexity to avoid development becoming complicated. This means bringing software architecture principles to the frontend, leveraging tooling where needed and make the right technology decisions for your organisation. Although we build custom frontends we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.

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