Cloud Native Solutions

Leveraging the cloud to the fullest ensures swift software delivery by being able to focus on what makes your business unique. Developing and maintaining infrastructure requires a lot of time and effort, while a lot of problems are already solved by cloud vendors. Next to the direct costs of reinventing the wheel there is also the cost of delaying functionality: The opportunity costs. Time spent on setting up infrastructure could also be spent developing new features with more direct business value.
We feel responsible both for building and deploying our software. This means that we will configure a cloud environment to be able to go live. If there is already an existing(cloud)platform we will deploy on that. Our goal is to get our software to a user, so there is real business value. Building bespoke solutions also means that we can deploy to whichever cloud makes sense for the product. We’re partner of the following cloud vendors: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud.

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