Delivering high quality software ensures consistent and fast delivery.

We believe technology is a means to an end. The goal is to create business value for our customer and technology can help with that. We have knowledge and experience in many technologies so we can bring your organisation to they next step. But whatever technology we choose, we consider whether it fits the problem and the organization. Xebia Software Developers love open source. We use it at our customers and contribute back to open source projects when we find the time. Open source reduces duplication of effort because solutions to already solved problems are shared, allowing you to focus on yet-unsolved problems. The community of contributors improves the software for everyone.
We have experience building various types of applications: Systems of records storing data in a database and exposing this data using an API, data processing pipelines and frontends for web and mobile. For mobile we develop progressive web apps as well as native apps.
We believe delivering high quality software ensures consistent and fast delivery. Therefore, for all our projects, we observe best practices like: Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, good architecture, various levels of automated testing and static analysis.

State of the art technology

We have experts in the fields of cloud-native software development, making use of solid technologies like Vue.js, Scala, Java 9, Golang and React as well as methodologies like Lean UX and Agile.

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